Power Saving


Workstation Power Saving Manager  v.1.2.169

NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager is a freeware tool that delivers centralized power management that places networked computers into sleep modes during non-business hours and reduces energy consumption.

NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager  v.1.217.165

A typical personal computer consumes at least 500 kWh of electrical energy annually, resulting in up to $100 in power bills or increased electrical fees per square foot of office space.


NetWrix Workstation Power Manager  v.1. 1. 2028

NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager enforces automatic energy conservation allowing organizations to utilize only the power they need to save on power costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Monitor On

Monitor On is a Utility by which you can Turn Monitor On when a window with defined title opens such as message from yahoo messenger or alike. Power Saving Features or other utilities can turn monitor off (e.g when computer remains idle) but you may miss


If you want some programs to run while you are away, but don't want to disable the power saving functions of Windows, Stims could be just what you are looking for. It runs subtly in the tray and can prevent the computer shutting down due to inactivity for

DayAlarm  v.1.1

dayAlarm is a small and easy-to-use software that allows you to schedule your future tasks. Small tool that will remind you your important tasks at a given time.dayAlarm Features: * Play mp3/wav * Launch Application * Power saving (shutdown, restart,

EcoSaver  v.1.2.3

EcoSaver is free program for energy conservation during idle CPU power saving mode to the automatic migration. By using this free software,

Dont Sleep  v.2.74

Don't Sleep is a small portable software to prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart. Especially when old Programs run on Windows-7 or Windows Vista. Here's more aggressive power-saving features with new rules.

ES Auto Shutdown Scheduler  v.

Shutdown Scheduler : Your Shutdown Management Software Solution* Made with impactful power saving ability, this tool proves to drastically save on your power consumption. * Saves you time Just schedule a process and forget about it . * Flexible &

PowerSlave a Power Savings assistant

Save power and save money by automatically swapping Windows power schemes at the end of your working day. PowerSlave lets you have one scheme during the day that gives you max performance and then swaps to a more environmentally friendly scheme at night.

CpuIdle  v.

CpuIdle is a CPU cooling and power management software. The programs enhances the CPU cooling, decreasing CPU temperature, enhancing stability and giving you more margin for overclocking.

PowerPro Manager  v.1 44

Features: - Central server console to manage the power settings for all your Windows and Macintosh workstations - Manage power settings on workstations by groups of workstations - Deploy the Windows agent from the console without using Group Polic

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